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Developmental Playgroup
for Infants and Toddlers

Purposeful Play incorporates integral elements that support and promote the development of infants and toddlers through music, movement, puppets, and so much more! Each class is customized to focus on specific developmental milestones of the group.


45-minute structured classes keep your little one engaged through music, movement, puppets, art, bubbles and so much more! Each activity has been carefully curated to facilitate and promote cognitive, social and motor skills.


If you have any developmental concerns about your child or just want to make sure your child is on track please contact us to schedule a session. Private sessions are available in person or virtually.

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Private playgroups and birthday classes are available upon request. Creative themed classes and activities can be customized to your child's age and interests. 


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Join Pediatric Occupational Therapist Michelle Tiflinsky on BabyCenter to learn playtime tips that help your baby hit milestones like rolling over, crawling, and walking.

Purposeful Play

"Michelle's 0-4 month class was hands-down the best thing I did during maternity leave! Not only was it great to connect with other moms with babies the same age but the class also helped my child work towards and exceed his developmental milestones.  At 6 months, he's army crawling, sitting up like a champ, and turning pages in books! Michelle was warm, inclusive and made the class so much fun for ME and my baby!" 

| Ashley F. |


203 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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